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Inspire: Ideas with Passion

It’s February 2024, still in the dead of Winter, and the midst of an overwhelming number of global crises, several themes are emerging. It seems that for every crisis there is an ideation, innovation or opportunity that appears. The call for skilled and savvy leaders has never been louder. Especially innovators with creative minds and who value adaptability, strategy, and getting great results.

This year I am proud to announce my forthcoming book, INSPIRE: Lead with Influence for Impact, which is the sum and delivery of the breadth of my experiences and wisdom as a director, innovating at Microsoft starting in the late 90s and for over two decades. I am thrilled to distill this experience into a formula for my readers to leverage their suite of skills to bring their own ideas to life.

Sharing ideas demands courage and commitment from both the charismatic and the quietly introverted. History attests that groundbreaking innovations sprout from diverse individuals who harness the skills required to champion big ideas. Challenges arise in garnering interest and support, creating a pitch that resonates. The key is to focus on ideas that ignite your personal passion. The energy invested propels not only relentless dedication but also magnetizes allies to the cause.

During this journey together, you will meet changemakers, investing personal time, constantly engaging colleagues, friends, and family. Your passion will help you carve out the time to nurture and develop the idea. Your journey starts with introspection—what ideas spark your dedication? Evaluate how they align with your passion and conviction? True leaders are selective, choosing ideas that resonate in their core.

Leadership through Personal Passion

Kriss from Nike rocked the boat by envisioning a useful tool for garment engineering. Her success lay in connecting her personal passion with Nike's potential for innovation. Leaders who tap into personal passion wield a unique power—authenticity. The power to influence stems from authenticity, standing for something that aligns with personal values.

Unleashing Personal Power: Tapping into Passion

Internal power arises from unique experiences, qualities, values, and beliefs—your point of view. The most impactful leaders embody authenticity, standing tall in their unique leadership style. The ultimate power lies in recognizing your personal story's impact, bringing forth authenticity and integrity in leadership.




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